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A Graco playpen is something every parent should have when expecting a new baby.

Playpens for babies are an important item when it comes to taking good care of your new baby girl or baby boy.

Having a good, quality playpen for your newborn child to play or rest in comfort in is not only good for your child but good for you as well.

A Graco playpen or Graco Pack n Play as they are also known, will allow you to keep your child occupied while you get some much needed rest or take some time to do the things that every parent must do, such as clean the house or cook some dinner.

Graco Playpen Features

There are several Graco playpens to choose from and each one is made with the same quality that all Graco products are known for. For one, the size of the Graco playpen is a little larger than your typical playpen for babies. Measuring in at 38 inches by 38 inches when unfolded, this provides a larger play area for your child than most other playpens.

The Graco playpen also comes with a four-footed metal frame instead of the usual four-footed metal feet that most playpens for babies have. This provides for more stability meaning your baby will be more safe in the Graco Pack n Play than he or she would be in other playpens.

The Graco playpen can be easily assembled or broken down in just a few minutes making this playpen very portable and perfect for both long or short trips. The Graco Pack n Ply even comes with its own nylon storage carrier.

Depending on the model of Graco playpen that you purchase there are several other wonderful features. For example, many of the Graco Pack n Play models come with bassinets and changing tables. This is not only very convenient when at home, but especially so when you are visiting a friend or relatives house.

Additionally, many of the Graco playpens come with accessories such as mirrors, interactive toys and sound-producing rattlers.

When it comes to cleaning your Graco playpen you will have no worries. All Graco Pack n Play playpens are made with vinyl, plastic and metal parts which you can easily wipe clean with a sponge or damp cloth. In addition the carrying bag is machine washable and safe to put in the dryer.

As mentioned, there are many different styles of Graco playpens to choose from so you will have no problem finding a Graco Pack n Play playpen that will suiGraco Playpent you and your child.

Some of the more popular models are:

Graco Pack ‘n Play TotBloc Playard

This lightweight playpen, weighting only 25 pounds, is a favorite among both children and their parents. This bright and colorful playpen comes with toys on all four sides of the playpen making it lots of fun for your toddler.

Graco Playpen


Graco Pack n Play Zooland Playpen

This Graco playpen is well liked by both parents and their toddlers for its beautiful and fun design. With its push button folding mechanism and automatic folding feet and wheels, this is a perfect playpen to use when traveling.


Graco Pack n Play Playpen with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat

This is by far one of the coolest Graco playpens available. This playpen comes with a convenient changing table and organizer with three cubbies for storage. The best thing about this Pack n Play playpen is the Cuddle Cove rocking seat.Graco Pack n Play Playpen with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat

The rocking seat features soft and gentle fabrics perfect for a newborn’s skin, it vibrates and has handy carrying handles so you can take it around the house with you.

These are just a few of the Graco playpens that are available today for you and your child. No matter which Graco Pack n Play you choose you and your child are sure to be happy and you can always rest assured that your child will be safe and comfortable.

If you are looking for a playpen for babies then you can’t go wrong with a Graco playpen.


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