Baby Product Review (Part 2 of 3)

Let me know if you have any other questions about the products I show. Things I should add: -Medela has a 1 year warranty on all breast pump motors. -We use Johnson’s bath and body products; Head to toe baby wash, and sleepy time baby lotion and massage gel. The sleepy time products smell incredible and are supposed to help relax your baby before bed-time or naps. I would highly suggest getting these products. They are fine to use on newborns as well. -The Fisher Price bath we are currently using is available at Babies R Us and Target. -Leah is eating Gerber foods but we are planning on switching her to Earth’s Best because all of their food is organic (and I am sick of not being able to find certain flavors of gerber in organic!) -The formula Leah is on is Similar Isomil. It is a soy formula. She is still mostly breastfed but when she does get formula this is what she gets. The formula is specially made to prevent gas and fussiness, and is great for babies with GERD. -Leah is not too interested in taking pacifiers but her favorite has always been newborn soothies. They are available at most hospitals and Babies R Us and Target. Playtex also makes a similar shaped pacifier that works just as well. -Medela, bumbo, playtex, gerber, pampers, earth’s best, boppy, and more are all products available at Target. REMEMBER that they are cheaper there than Babies r Us! Always check either your local Target store OR their website for baby products… Target is wonderful for baby

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25 Responses to “Baby Product Review (Part 2 of 3)”

  1. mamatrixxie says:

    Oh wow I had no idea! Mine was bought new… I have heard ppl didn’t like it but for Leah, it worked great!

  2. mamatrixxie says:

    I never tried the Moby wrap… Leah goes in a front to back carrier now cause she outgrew the sling. Yeah, I’ve heard mixed reviews about the sling but for us it worked wonders- she LOVED being in there and it was super easy for me to carry her in until she got heavy.

  3. xoiloveyoux2 says:

    i have to say pampers are the best. emma broke out with luvs so we switched to pampers. haha we have like all the same products!!!

  4. xoiloveyoux2 says:

    yea that high chair is awsome. we have the same pattern for the travel system, pack n’ play and high chair. and the wheels are awsome.

  5. FamilyOfThreeNow says:

    I LOVE that boppy pack n play. I had no idea they made them. It looks really easy to put together and take down too

  6. lovelaughing3 says:

    Leah’s room is really cute!

  7. Mememanci says:

    i got a pack and play and i love it!! i keep my lil one in it in the livign room during the day and i move it to all parts of the house so she can be next to me at all times… :)

  8. mina247 says:

    Thats the pack & play I have :) I think its super cute!

  9. Aliwisha1 says:

    The bumbo is so great Ella is now sitting up by herself and I owe it all to this great product! My cousin is currently 20 weeks pregnant she has a pack and play bassinet and crib on her registry I have told her she doesn’t need all but of course like any new mom u gotta have everything lol

  10. mamatrixxie says:

    Everyone says so!

  11. mamatrixxie says:

    Isn’t it so cute? I love it too. And it’s so useful.

  12. mamatrixxie says:

    It’s true… every new mom wants to have everything. It’s part of the nesting lol! Leah is sitting up on her own too now but I don’t think the bumbo was the reason haha, one day she was just like I’m gonna do it! And pulled herself up by herself in her basinet.

  13. frowniebrown86 says:

    this kind of stuff is REALLY going to help when we start making our registry! Thanks Nikki!

  14. mamatrixxie says:

    You are gonna have sooo much fun doing that! Haha… BTW I forgot to mention this I’ll prob say it in my next vid- (I don’t know what your guys plans are but…) Jon and I are planning on having atleast 1 more baby, so we TRY to get things unisex colors so we can re-use them. Of course with clothes most of her stuff is pink and girly lol but with big things like the jogging stroller and carseats, etc… we try to get them unisex so we can re-use them!

  15. LadeeSlimster says:

    i dont like the bumbo seat either and it was on recall and I think its too much money, wow i love pampers too but with my son he leaks through them so with him i have to use luvs or huggies I got the safety first grooming travel kit. that pack and play is really pretty. that’s the highchair I want.. isn’t it so pretty?

  16. BonnetsInTheForce says:

    I love how ur fiance gets so into the review, he’s like oh wait one more thing! lol

  17. mszladysoul says:

    hey i love your video’s…i am going to be decorating my daughters room and i wanted to know where you got the cute letter’s for leah’s name?

  18. mamatrixxie says:

    @mszladysoul Aw thanks! We got them from Babies R Us!

  19. allahtheallseeing says:

    there has been accidents with that sling carrier some babies have died. check out the youtube videos about the subject

  20. renickah says:

    Sling rider has been recalled I believe

  21. mamatrixxie says:

    @renickah Yes it has. It worked really well for us! But they did recall it!

  22. mamatrixxie says:

    @allahtheallseeing I did see that. I really loved the sling carrier but yes it has been recalled.

  23. garciajennifer223 says:

    Could you tell me a little more specifically what that Hi Chair is called? I’d really like to get that exact one (minus the print maybe, since it’s for my babysitting and I need gender neutral). But since I don’t have kids here all the time, I need one that folds up really well. I have NEVER seen one that folds so flat. The legs always fold, but not the seat. Which is pretty much useless. But this one would slide right in anywhere! LOL

  24. kardancer1 says:

    When she out grew her swing, was it because of a weight limit or her height?

  25. kardancer1 says:

    When she out grew her swing, was it because of a weight limit or her height or length?Was she sitting up and trying to get out? at what age did she out grow it?

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