Baby Product Review (Part 3 of 3)

Let me know if you have any other questions about the products I show. Things I should add: -Medela has a 1 year warranty on all breast pump motors. -We use Johnson’s bath and body products; Head to toe baby wash, and sleepy time baby lotion and massage gel. The sleepy time products smell incredible and are supposed to help relax your baby before bed-time or naps. I would highly suggest getting these products. They are fine to use on newborns as well. -The Fisher Price bath we are currently using is available at Babies R Us and Target. -Leah is eating Gerber foods but we are planning on switching her to Earth’s Best because all of their food is organic (and I am sick of not being able to find certain flavors of gerber in organic!) -The formula Leah is on is Similar Isomil. It is a soy formula. She is still mostly breastfed but when she does get formula this is what she gets. The formula is specially made to prevent gas and fussiness, and is great for babies with GERD. -Leah is not too interested in taking pacifiers but her favorite has always been newborn soothies. They are available at most hospitals and Babies R Us and Target. Playtex also makes a similar shaped pacifier that works just as well. -Medela, bumbo, playtex, gerber, pampers, earth’s best, boppy, and more are all products available at Target. REMEMBER that they are cheaper there than Babies r Us! Always check either your local Target store OR their website for baby products… Target is wonderful for baby

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25 Responses to “Baby Product Review (Part 3 of 3)”

  1. mamatrixxie says:

    We don’t have a head support in the car seat, just the one it came with. We use the snuzzler in the stroller, however you can use it in a car seat and it’s safe… It’s not really head support, more of body support. But if anything head supports are made to make it safer for them to be in the car when they can’t hold their lil heads up… What the cop told you doesn’t make sense to me?

  2. mamatrixxie says:

    Thanks hun!!

  3. mamatrixxie says:

    Yay how exciting :)

  4. mamatrixxie says:

    Hehe the tummy mat is so cute!

  5. JacekSinkiewicz says:

    26 votes at 550 views… all positive…
    you are faking your votes!

  6. mamatrixxie says:

    Huh? Maybe you should ask everyone who voted before you accuse me of faking it. You can’t even vote for your own. Thanks for never commenting on my pages again in advance :) Go lurk someone else’s stuff.

  7. frowniebrown86 says:

    see that thumbs down next to your comment? thats not fake. IDIOT.

  8. MelB0610 says:

    I just wondered what you thought, i have a double stroller and a sit and stand stroller, because i have two kids.. and i unfortunately got rid of the reg single stroller. We were actually thinking about getting one of those jogging strollers, because now my daughter is in school for a couple hours a day and when i go places, i only need room for one. It would be used for walking around the block, mall, zoo, and stuff like that, what do you recommend? Cutie pie baby! Good video!

  9. lovelaughing3 says:

    Leah is so cute!

  10. mamatrixxie says:

    Hmmm… The jogging stroller is much heavier then a regular stroller, and really isn’t necessary for the mall and street unless you are jogging or exercising with it, so I actually wouldn’t recommend it unless you are going on trails outside, hiking, etc. However the ORIGINAL jogging stroller that is made of titanium is much lighter then most out there right now.. that one I would recommend for everyday use. BUT every jogging stroller is pretty big and takes up a lot of room in a car & to store.

  11. MelB0610 says:

    Ok, cool thanks for the tip. I would be jogging with it, or quickly walking, so it would be better than a regular one. But i will check out the titanium ones. I just thought it would be nice to have something different, cause when i am like walking really fast the regular ones kinda stink. Thanks so much for the advice! :)

  12. mamatrixxie says:

    Np :) If you are gonna be jogging/exercising with it the jogging stroller is def worth it! So in that case I would get one for sure. It is really hard to do that with a regular one!

  13. phorcydes says:

    true that! She is the cutest thing in the world lol

  14. ebonieyez82 says:

    What a great model @ the end! Lol
    Thnx sooo much for this vid!!! Question how do u warm the drop-in bottles? Does the warmer work well with them…I got the drop-ins but dnt knw how i will warm em!
    thanks girl!

  15. mamatrixxie says:

    The bottle warmer is good but you can’t warm drop-ins in there, so you would warm them in a regular bottle and then pour it into the playtex ones. I warm them but preparing the bottles and letting them sit in hot running water until they are warm, OR by microwaving the water in a glass to warm it, then adding the formula and make the bottle :) Are you planning on formula feeding, breast feeding, or both?

  16. sophizzy says:

    Love these product reviews, they’re really helpful xx

  17. LadeeSlimster says:

    I heard that inorder to turn it you have to be in a almost fast speed b/c if not it won’t turn. lol I have that same chicco stroller but i left it in ny. and its light. your daughter is so pretty.. I must not know how to use it b/c i got the boppy back b/c it didnt do anything to help with the baby so it was really tiring.

  18. roybalk3 says:

    i have that same system and you actually release the car seat from the stroller with the same lever that you release it from the car base- you definitely don’t have to reach under (from the front) to release… hope that helps

  19. mazczan says:

    Leah looks so much like mommy!

  20. sosocherry says:

    This is a great review the toy review would be good too cause I’m pregnant and I don’t really know what to buy and what is safe anyway good review and Leah is as cute as she could be =)

  21. kim091000 says:

    you all are cute, thanks for the great product reviews! this is so helpful for when we will register!

  22. candybombcandy says:

    you should do one on toys and which toys you like for a baby and safe toys and all that good stuff

  23. zll8366 says:

    very helpful for new mom.!! thanks

  24. hateallthemhaters says:

    One adorable baby right here, she’s too cute!

  25. Misscourtneynicole19 says:

    Where did you get the infant sleep positioner?

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