Baby Products I Can’t Live Without (Months 0-2)

These are just some mommy must haves that I can’t live without. Sorry it cuts off at the end but I hope this helps some people out, enjoy! Here’s my Facebook Fan Page:

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25 Responses to “Baby Products I Can’t Live Without (Months 0-2)”

  1. GabeandJesss says:

    @Rosiblush Haha thanks! i’m majoring in liberal studies =)

  2. GabeandJesss says:

    @oxthetracyfamilyox Yep! She loves it =)

  3. Lisa13245 says:

    @GabeandJesss Oh that’s so cool! I just graduated in June and I’m taking a year off, I don’t know what I want to do. What are you going to do with Liberal Studies?

  4. GabeandJesss says:

    @Lisa13245 I’m planning on becoming an elementary school teacher =)

  5. Lisa13245 says:

    @GabeandJesss Oh that’s so cool! You’d be a good teacher :)

  6. TanaraBear says:

    Where do you buy pacifier wipes? I have never heard of them!

  7. fatsammers says:

    Do U ever shop at once upon a child in Modesto? I love that place!! Im the one who lives about 40 minutes from Modesto up in Valley Springs. Your daughter is so cute!

  8. TheTaftGowdyFamily says:

    Hi Jess, it’s Alexa! I haven’t been here for ages because… BABY LEXIE IS FINALLY HOME! Aw, she finally get out of the hospital 3 weeks ago and we’ve been really busy… We’re so unexperienced and taking care of her is soo exhausting :(.
    Btw I love all the items you show in the video. The moby wrap is awesome! I’m using it like all the time because it’s really comfortable and Lexie loves being close to me or Charlie (yes… he uses it too). And the swing! OMG she loves it! Hers it’s…

  9. TheTaftGowdyFamily says:

    Hers it’s different but it’s really similar to the one Lilia has. We really didn’t want one but we’re so happy we have one because she loves it.
    Btw… Are you only breastfeeding? Or are you only pumping? Or are you breastfeeding and pumping? hahaha I’m pumping because I had to pump when she was in the hospital and that helped her soo much, so I decided to keep doing it, even if I wasn’t gonna breastfeed at all…
    Lots of kisses! Lilia is extremely cute and Gabe is such a good dad!
    Lex & Charlie

  10. GabeandJesss says:

    @TheTaftGowdyFamily I’m primarily breastfeeding. I only pump when I’m at school =) Thanks!

  11. GabeandJesss says:

    @TheTaftGowdyFamily That is SO awesome!!! I’m so, so, so happy for you guys!! I’ll bet you’re having an awesome time with her!

  12. Piglove08 says:

    haha jess :) “handy dandy pacifier wipes” i wish we were friends in real life :P

  13. andreanichole17 says:

    Lilia looks alot like Gabe

  14. aMochaMommy says:

    I have the same older version of the breast pump! I use it at least 4 times a day and its great! just as good as the new ones =)

  15. abxbee316 says:

    i bought the moby wrap this past weekend for my 5 week old, they’re amazing! (: so useful, and my little girl loves it.

  16. adripaez says:

    I love how her hair is standing! So cute! My baby is 3 weeks old and her hair is getting like that too ;-)

  17. fofodadeda says:

    what is the name of your facebook page

  18. lilblondehooker says:

    This list shall come in handy whenever I get around to having babies. hehe ^_^

    In case any of your subscribers are interested….
    I found the bouncer at, or at least it looks very much like your bouncer. It’s a Fisher Price Soothe N Play Bouncer in Woodland Animals.. And the price is $26.99.

  19. corcor44 says:

    you look so happy babe! Congratulations!!!! xx

  20. mina247 says:

    I love that you got most of your stuff at the thrift shop! That where I got most of our stuff too :D You can find such amazing deals at thrift stores and yard sales :D

  21. brittjackson91 says:

    Hahahahaha I just saw this and I got a lot of the same products for my daughter Lilli who should be here in a few weeks.
    I got the updated version of the bouncer which was 26$ but had amazing ratings
    the moby wrap
    the play gym
    the boppy
    the pacifiers
    the nursing cover
    thanks for confirming that i made good product covers

  22. N2BnThin says:

    I have that bouncer, but not the woodland friends…is the toy bar sold separately?

  23. asuriai says:

    be careful with the bouncer on the table. my baby kicked her legs and bounce right of the table. She was fine but a little shaken up. she was strapped in and ended up hanging upside down

  24. Mollybn3 says:

    Shes really active for 11 weeks. Shes very cute!

  25. boobearinlove says:

    so I wanted to say… made me feel so much better that you have that bouncer seat you had Lilia in lol, I have the same one now, and got it when I thought I was having a boy, but now I love it more for a little girl, I am doing her room woodland themed so I figured the owls were perfect, and its a great product! lol just thought I’d randomly share that with you ;)

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