Double Stroller Review- Graco Quattro Tour Duo

I’ve had tons of requests to review our double stroller. This is an old video (that explains why I’m so huge and Declan is so small lol) that used to be on The Baby Product’s channel, but that channel was hacked months ago, so I’m going to re-upload some of my old reviews that were still saved on my computer! We love our Graco Quattro Tour Duo double stroller!! It’s easy to fold, has lots of awesome storage and is pretty easy to push. *TIP: Largest kid should sit in the back of the stroller! (Assuming you aren’t using your car seat any more, for the smaller child) Makes it was easier to push and turn, when the lighter child is up front. Let me know if you have any questions!! Depending on where you buy from, this stroller costs anywhere from 0 to 0. Add us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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25 Responses to “Double Stroller Review- Graco Quattro Tour Duo”

  1. Loraandlayton says:

    @TheLadyShred Awesome!! Hope you love yours too!

  2. Loraandlayton says:

    @Baileyboolove1 You’re so sweet! Thank you!

  3. Loraandlayton says:

    @ThePJmommy Yeay for awesome strollers!!

  4. Loraandlayton says:

    @ashers303 Hmm… He was about 4 months here. The stroller really is awesome!!

  5. Loraandlayton says:

    @ReillyAJ Yea, i love that too!! The snack tray and all the cup holders ROCK!

  6. Loraandlayton says:

    @mommywood1 You’re right. When the car seat is in place, you can’t lean the front seat back. But it’s not uncomfortable to straight up. Tripp (when he used to have to sit in the front) loved being upright so he could look around at everything. He hated when we’d lay the seat back. But now he sits in back and we only lay in back when he wants to sleep.

  7. Loraandlayton says:

    @KIMBURLEExMAHREE Really? I’m sorry! I love how easy ours is to push around lol! It used to be tough when we had Tripp in front and Declan in the back.Then we learned that we needed to put the heavier child in the back, and that completely changed the way it pushed and turned!! Having the lighter child in front makes a HUGE difference!

  8. JackandSally1508 says:

    I put this vlog on to listen to while I was doing something, then I glanced & saw you holding a little one, & I was like ‘who’s baby is Lora holding’??? Then I looked closely & was like..Declan isn’t that small….THEN I read the video description & it all makes sense hahah Just had a stupid moment! :D

  9. SurfCraZ98 says:

    I was confused at first too! Lol thts sad tht TheBabyProducts was hacked cuz i rlly liked tht channel :(

  10. colz83 says:

    Wow, it didn’t even hit me that this was an old video.
    I was wondering who the baby was and was going to comment that Tripp got a hair cut.
    Friday afternoon brain fart :S


    @Loraandlayton You see maybe that is my problem! I have DJ in the front and Charlie in the back. I am going to put her in the back and Charlie in the front from now on. I really hope it works.
    Plus Charlie doesn’t really like the back. I think him being in the front will actually be a good thing. He can look around. I hope he likes it.
    I am so tired of walking around with a 24 pound child on my waist at all times lol!
    Thank you so much for the advice.

  12. ChelsaeH says:

    That’s very cheap for a double stroller! My sister has a Phil & Teds and it was around 600! It was a single stroller but you could attach a second seat somehow on the back..

  13. Loraandlayton says:

    @ChelsaeH Oh wow! That’s a lot. But sounds cool!!

  14. Loraandlayton says:

    @colz83 Bahaha! And I gained 20lbs and cut my hair too :P Hehe!! We’re all allowed to be frazzled on Fridays haha!

  15. Loraandlayton says:

    @SurfCraZ98 I know :o/ But I’m going to try my best to at least get most of my reviews up. It’s not the same, but it’s all I can do.

  16. juliet1178 says:

    I love this stroller! I’ve had it for four years, it is wonderful:)

  17. Loraandlayton says:

    @JackandSally1508 Haha! Seems like a lot of y’all did that lol! I should have put something in the title :P

  18. juliet1178 says:

    @TheBrittbrat2341 My four year old is 50lbs and he fits just fine. However, a taller child will not fit under the sunshade in the front seat…mine doesn’t now (he did until he was 4 though)…it’s not a big deal, we just don’t pull it out and he wears a ball cap.

  19. juliet1178 says:

    @Loraandlayton Wow I’ve had this stroller for a long time and never figured that out! I will be trying this next time we use it!

  20. TheCutie123100 says:

    OMG!!!! Declan was sooooo cute when he was little… And also my sister has that stroller and she loves it!!!! I love your family!!!

  21. 5lejla5 says:

    Well I won’t be needing a stroller for quite a while but I watched this because I really love how your happiness just shines through no matter what you’re talking about!! cheesy but true :)

  22. JackandSally1508 says:

    @Loraandlayton No, I should of just paid attention Haha :P

  23. Loraandlayton says:

    @5lejla5 You’re always so sweet, Lej ;o) Thanks so much!! You’re the best!

  24. Loraandlayton says:

    @TheCutie123100 Aww thank you!! That’s great that she loves her stroller too!

  25. Loraandlayton says:

    @juliet1178 Agreed!!

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