Graco Baby products review

A review of baby products- diaper champ, graco quattro stroller, circo crib sheets, fisher price bouncer, fisher price rainforest play mat, baby trend stoller, cosco umbrella stroller, graco baby monitors, eddie bauer diaper bag, infant gas relief drops, graco changing table, parents baby lullabies, burp cloths, gerber nuks, huggies, pampers, LUVS, huggies wipes

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25 Responses to “Graco Baby products review”

  1. dreamflight6000 says:

    Henry has never had a diaper rash etc. so I have never used any kind of hygenic cream. Everyone who lives around me LOVES BUTT cream. That is the name of it.

  2. umhasoomi says:

    thank you :)

  3. lizzy32984 says:

    I love the Pampers Swaddlers because it has a yellow line down the front that turns blue when he has peed on it

  4. lizzy32984 says:

    where did you get your moby sling?

  5. dannyandkim04 says:

    Great review! It’s nice hearing what other moms use. Have a great baptism day!! :)

  6. kbeaulieu28 says:

    We went out and bought an expensive set of moniters and it still made that annoying static sound…I think all of them do…lol we gave up trying to find a set that was quiet

  7. Aliwisha1 says:

    yes the nuk pacifers are great only ones Ella will take too as well! I am going to do another product review vid didn’t put everything I wanted to in the first so check it out will post sometime within next day or two!

  8. hoping4baby4us says:

    thanks for the reviews. This will be very helpfull in a few weeks. LOL I just got my moby wrap on Ebay. I can not wait to try it out. i have heard so many great reviews about it.

  9. kosovitacielo says:

    where can we buy the diaper bag? Are you going back you school next school year or just staying at home.

  10. kenziemx3 says:

    This is my first time watching your vids (found you through Lucy’s page) Just wanted to give you a little tip with spit-up stains…Our DD had really bad reflux and the only thing that would take them out was regular white distilled vinegar. I keep it in a spray bottle in my laundry room and just spritz it on the spot a few mins before washing. HTH! :)

  11. dreamflight6000 says:

    We got it at Target online. :)

  12. dreamflight6000 says:

    Thanks for watching! Great tip! I will definitely try that!!

  13. phorcydes says:

    the baby monitors will make a static sound if you or anyone living close to you has a cordless phone. messes with the frequency

  14. samanthacarmichael21 says:

    not trying to me mean but when you said that luvs are real cheapy and you dont like them me as a mother i use luvs and i dont have a problom with them at all im ma staya t home mom so when you realize that money is tight you will find urself buying them

  15. dreamflight6000 says:

    luvs worked fine– we just didn’t like the feel of them. My product review is only the things that we prefer or like better. I know that other people feel differently about the same products.

  16. tailynn82 says:


  17. Autumngirl24 says:

    i have never seen that bouncer before…how adorable…what store did you purchase it at??

  18. MommyDani2 says:

    Nice video, I agree that huggies stink, I like Luvs cuz they smell like baby powder. I heard Target has a lot of great stuff, wish there was one close to me.

  19. LizandClayton says:

    Hey can you tell me what you mean by “you can use any bag with the diaper champ” I was guna buy the diaper genie… and was dreading having to buy the refils…. what bags do you use for the diaper champ?????

  20. dreamflight6000 says:

    Any plastic bag you get from the store.

    henry’s 6 month and we still LOVE the diaper champ!

  21. Parkerfur says:

    I am just watching this again because now I am registering for stuff… so thanks for the good advice…

  22. MJibraan says:

    I really like ur video i just wana know the store name what u said ( adiba…?)

  23. SlayerVampirs says:

    Do you have a child?

  24. dreamflight6000 says:

    @SlayerVampirs I do have a child.

  25. SammyFlower3031 says:

    where do you get the eddie bauer diaper bag and how much

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