which brand is better?graco baby products or chicco?

I like peg perego products.strollers made by peg perego are very good but they say that the car seat is too small.which brand has both the best stroller and car seat?

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One Response to “which brand is better?graco baby products or chicco?”

  1. amom says:

    Peg Perego makes excellent strollers but their infant seats are not well recommended by car safety advocates and Graco makes excellent infant seats but their strollers are not well recommended by stroller enthusiasts. You do not have to get the same brand stroller and car seat and if you do feel that they have to match please make your choice based on your child’s safety and the ease of use for the safety seat. Peg Perego infant seats are difficult to use, Graco and Chicco are easy to use and install but value for the $$ Graco is almost always recommended.

    If a travel system is your concern – consider getting a snap & go type of frame for the infant seat and then buy a higher quality stroller once the baby has grown out of the infant seat. Maclaren and Peg Perego strollers are both easily available and high quality.

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