Graco Tot Wheels Walker

Fun for baby and mom can get some work done too!

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9 Responses to “Graco Tot Wheels Walker”

  1. raidenxone says:

    the Graco Wheels Walker looks adoreable!

  2. jackfrostiscold says:

    Very nice review and the graco walker looks like a great product.

  3. ExpoTVKidsandBabies says:

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. fairbornchick says:

    oh the day my daughter can use one of those will be a great day :)

  5. mangodemarvin says:

    I totally agree! I can’t beleive they’ve completely taken it out of the market! my baby does not want to crawl but she loves to walk around assisted, but it kills my back and I can’t get anything else done! thanks for the video and pointing out the real danger with these units…

  6. charbswims says:

    So cute I can’t believe they’re all banned in Canada. Thanks to a few dummy parents.

  7. homespunoriginals says:

    I totally LOVED walkers for all four of my children. I have stairs, and yet Not ONE of them ever fell down them? I am sad that these are being banned because common sense child care. I did see where they are still available online, and i am happy about that! Great item for strengthening legs for walking!

  8. Larkspur69 says:

    My baby has LOVED her walker too….I have a gate to the only stairs in my house closed 24/7. She zooms around in it having a blast. One thing tho, to add to the comments about them going down the stairs…you also have to be careful they don’t ram into you, run over your toes and/or make you trip as you try to step over it. Caution when cooking is especially important. Love it tho!!

  9. This is great stuff. Can’t wait to read some more from you.

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