how do i clean the seat of my graco baby walker?

basically, I found a Graco baby walker (in really nice condition) and thought it may be useful for when my baby brother tarts to walk.
Only problem is it needs a GOOD clean and I’d like to put the seat in the washing machine…however, I’m not quite sure how to take the seat out and don’t want to damage it.
any suggestions?

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One Response to “how do i clean the seat of my graco baby walker?”

  1. sca says:

    They are all different, but there should be some clue. Usually if you flip it over and examine it, you have the best bet of figuring out how it comes off. Mine has loops that you insert into the plastic – it is really hard to get them off and on, but they will come if you work at it. You’re not going to damage the seat just from trying to get the cover off. If you do, it wouldn’t be very safe for your brother anyway.

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