Nouvelle Graco pack n play review

This is the nouvelle graco pack n play Things we would change: Mobile needs to be battery operated. Support on both sides of changing table. bigger storage space on side. The round slots cant hold much and if something is too heavy like lotion it sags. extra pieces are hard to get back in the bag. For the price we paid I would have purchased a different pack n play. We like the colors and wish this would have been more to our liking

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10 Responses to “Nouvelle Graco pack n play review”

  1. aredhella says:

    That’s strange that your play yard was so bad… We have a graco one as well and it works awesome. There’s no hastle getting it apart and we never had the change pad or storage area sag… We used to keep diapers, wipes, and lotions in it and it was sturdy as ever…. Maybe it was just the way they made your model, either way I’m sorry you had such issues with it.

  2. TrulyBlesssed5586 says:

    We have the exact same pack and play ( only a different color)….I agree with the changing table and the side pockets….I dont think they thought very in depth when they made it. And we never even used the mobile because it was too big of a pain to constantly crank up…

  3. nickiweb21 says:

    I liked ours. The changing table wasnt very useful but i just changed her on the bed after awhile. Now i just do it on the floor lol. I got a cloth bin and put all of her diapers and creams etc and its in the living room in reaching distance.

  4. konekochu says:

    I have a similar one, the storage thing for mine isn’t all that great either, same with the changing table with the weight issue.

  5. lovethyart says:

    omg i hate mine its so hard to fold back up

  6. misskrystle12 says:

    I wish I could remember the name of the one I got. It is by graco, its 4 years old and we are now going to use it for our second baby. Our changing station is high up and very sturdy and our pocket diaper holder thing is attached to the changing station piece. I think it came with a mobile but who knows lol. It has the bassinet too but its the one where it plays music and vibrates and all that. It all still works. Anyhow its blue and green and we love it. sorry yours isn’t what you wanted

  7. threeangels589 says:

    I am just creating my baby registry now so please let me know which one you would recommend (if you know of any). thanks.

  8. beautyisnteverything says:

    @threeangels589 Im going to email you on here

  9. mrsdancy1 says:

    i have this same pack and play and hate that the changing table does not fold.

  10. 321rachel says:

    Thank you so much for this review! I’m trying to figure out which Playard type thing I wanna get and this was really helpful! :D

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