Our Infant Seat & Play Yard for Baby!

Just purchased our car seat and playpen! Wanted to share that with you all :) Also, I now have a public Facebook page where I will be updating on all things baby!! www.facebook.com

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16 Responses to “Our Infant Seat & Play Yard for Baby!”

  1. splinterofh0pe says:

    love it! i think gender neutral for those kinds of items are smart. but what made you decide to buy the carseat separate and against a travel system?

  2. ltrepany says:

    Im not sure if they do it in Canada but here in the states you can go to the fire department and they will install it for you and teach you how to do it. Worth looking into if they do that there!

  3. babyvlog says:

    @ltrepany – Yep! They do that here too :) We’re actually going to a car seat clinic (it’s put on by our hospital) so that should help for sure! They’ll make sure it meets regulations and everything!! :)

  4. babyvlog says:

    @splinterofh0pe – I agree – this way we will get way more use out of it and the saleability is much higher!! We went with the BOB stroller because it’s one of the only certified jogging strollers in Canada. We’re both runners so we needed something that was certified for it. There are only three car seats that go with the BOB so we had to buy them separately. Check out the strollers by googling BOB Revolution!! I also did a vid on our stroller too!! :)

  5. momofmikela says:

    Very nice choice! I love the extra support padding on the carseat. Gender neutral is always a plus if you plan on having another within the next 5 years. :) We are using Mikela’s pack & play and stroller for Jace as well because it’s a turquoise blue and brown pattern.

  6. splinterofh0pe says:

    @babyvlog ahh, gotcha! i had no idea you bought your stroller already! i’ve seen those BOB strollers in the stores, they looked pretty solid. but then again, i guess they’d have to be if you are running with them! originally i wanted to buy them separate as well because the weight limit on the infant car seats in the travel systems are only 22lbs. i thought “that’s stupid” – but then quickly realized there are certain styles of the travel system (at least in graco brand) that allow you to get…

  7. splinterofh0pe says:

    @babyvlog …the snugride 32 or 35 for the higher weight limit. i also remembered that i live up 2 flights of stairs and that having a carseat that can be easily removed from the car to carry the baby vs a convertible style that stays in the car was definitely a must!

  8. mrstbraid says:

    love the play yard girl! and the car seat looks so comfy! lol. gender neutral is definitely the way to go! hope summer is adjusting well to all the new baby stuff set up!!! juno definitely is! =]

  9. OurBump says:

    nice playard what’s the name of it?

  10. BlindLittleKitten says:

    relly cute things.

  11. babyvlog says:

    @momofmikela – Yes, we chose this one for the neutrality and the padding and we’re really happy with them :)

  12. babyvlog says:

    @mrstbraid – Thanks!! Both of our dogs are totally oblivious to the baby stuff lol We let them in her nursery and everything but they don’t seem to care haha

  13. babyvlog says:

    @OurBump – It’s a Carter’s playyard :)

  14. babyvlog says:

    @BlindLittleKitten – Thanks :D

  15. steelman25 says:

    The play yard is so cute.

  16. babyvlog says:

    @steelman25 – Thanks!!

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