Pack ‘n Play setup

How to set up your pack ‘n play

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25 Responses to “Pack ‘n Play setup”

  1. sithwarrior says:

    thank you this video was very helpful.

  2. blaravia says:

    I’m watching a neighbors baby … thank you so much for posting this video! I always forget to set the side before pushing in the middle. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  3. marcusspurrell says:

    OMG! Thank you, I was messing around with trying to click the sides into place having put the bottom flat out first. You are awesome for sharing!

  4. renaissancepark says:


  5. ERMOsZUraZaCATECANa says:

    thankss soooo much for this video jeje we couldnt figure out what the short bars were for…;) your video helped sooo much!thankss!!

  6. siouxprmann says:

    We just got a hand me down pack n play, video was quite helpful since it came with no instructions. Thanks

  7. SilverBrumbyMommy says:

    This was an awesome demonstration! You should really go into how-to instructional videos for baby care products for us clueless moms out here! LOL

  8. kdarc82 says:

    Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get it back in!! I always ended up with something somewhere being outside of the bag!

  9. kdarc82 says:

    Oh if I could find a job like that I would be on it like white on rice! Any offers?? hahaha!!

  10. unclhippie says:

    thank you. saved my girlfriend’s and my lives. the first 60 seconds showed us what we needed to know.

  11. Jawaar says:

    Great thanks..+

  12. kdarc82 says:

    @gl1tter18 lol! Well How BORING would it be if I went though it super slow?!

  13. kdarc82 says:

    @unclhippie No problem! Glad that it helped :-D

  14. talex0815 says:

    thank you soooo much. You are awesome!!

  15. kdarc82 says:

    Thanks! I try to be just a little awesome everyday! ;)

  16. staucody says:

    Putting it together was never a problem for me. My issue is when I want to store it for a long time, it is basically impossible to get everything back in so that I don’t lose parts and pieces anywhere. Got a video showing a way to put it all back into the handy carrying bag, without having to leave pieces out?

  17. RonAruba says:

    thank you soooo much! I just became a daddy and today this item arrived, but I got stuck somewhere in the middle. You just saved my day :D
    Greeting from Aruba

  18. learningtobenatural says:

    Thank u so much! This video was very helpful!

  19. upserjeff says:

    I have one of these for when we watch our grand daughter and I forget how to put the darn thing together and take it apart, everytime. Its so simple, but it gets me every time. Thanks for the tutorial.

  20. kdarc82 says:

    @upserjeff – I’m glad it helped! :)

  21. PrincesaLadriel says:

    You are my savior! Thanks! Thanks!

  22. kdarc82 says:

    You are welcome! But really, I’m not a savior! :) Just another mommy that knows these things are a pain sometimes!!
    So Glad It Helped!!!

  23. ExMedProduction says:

    You are the Pack n Play master!!

  24. kdarc82 says:

    @ExMedProduction Thanks! LOL!!

  25. lizzyivey says:

    Thank you!!! Have family visiting and had totally forgot how to use this thing!!! You saved me lots of frustration (in the first 10 seconds of your video!)

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