Pack N’ Play

It is all set up next to our bed ready for the baby!!

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20 Responses to “Pack N’ Play”

  1. CrazyCoolShorty says:

    I love this !!!!
    When I had Joey I never had a pack n play .. It sucked!

  2. LongTrailHome says:

    That is a nice one! We have a similar Graco, but it is a smaller travel one. Jesse slept in the top part of it next to our bed for about 2 months.

  3. JenNTim509 says:

    I cannot wait until our baby is in it! lol

  4. JenNTim509 says:

    I got it because my sister has the same kind just in a blue pattern and she loves it. I cannot wait to see our little baby in it! :o)

  5. LongTrailHome says:

    It is SO surreal to look into it and see your baby after having this empty thing sitting in your room for so long :) Well…that pretty much goes for all the baby stuff in your house.

  6. mina247 says:

    YAY!!! So exciting! It makes it seems so much more real doesnt it?

  7. JenNTim509 says:

    I bet! April cannot come fast enough now!

  8. dreamflight6000 says:

    Such a cute pack n play! Just wait till your little one is IN it!! :)

  9. JenNTim509 says:

    Ahhh can’t wait! :o)

  10. HeavensAngel1121 says:

    all so cute! Love it!

  11. Parkerfur says:

    Is that the Lowery pattern? If so that is the exact one that I am registered for as well… I am super excited about it !!! Good to know it’s easy to set up ! Thanks for doing this video… can’t wait to show my husband :)

  12. JenNTim509 says:

    That’s what it’s called! :o) I couldn’t remember for the life of me. It is like the only good neutral one out there.

  13. JenNTim509 says:


  14. Parkerfur says:

    You are right… it totally is the only good neutral one out there… we are both in the same boat there…

    I am excited to get mine (someone is getting it for my shower for me). So good to know you guys like it alot :)

  15. Davesam44 says:

    This is the pack n’ play I was looking at too! Is the pattern really busy? We aren’t wanting to find out the gender of our baby either so we are doing the room in the exact same colours as you actually! :D I just wanted to know if it’s really busy because we were thinking of buying the travel system that matches it. :)

  16. JenNTim509 says:

    Exciting.. how for along are you?
    I don’t think it is too busy, plus there will be a sheet on the mattress so you won’t see those dots. We didn’t get the matching travel system though because we thought that was really busy looking.

  17. Davesam44 says:

    Hi! We are due July 17th…let me tell ya it couldn’t come soon enough! :) I think we are going to be getting that pack n’ play. Ok so the stroller set is busy…hmmm…I guess I will have to take my husband and look :). Congrats on your baby too! I’m sure you’re getting super excited to meet him/her!!!!

  18. JenNTim509 says:

    Oh July 17th is my mom’s, my sister’s and my father-in-law’s birthdays! :o) And thanks we ARE super excited!!

  19. prettygyrl83 says:

    how did you get the thing at :45 to turn on? I put the battery in the bottom unit and connected it to the mounting part and it woudnt come on? PLEASE HELP

  20. JenNTim509 says:

    @prettygyrl83 Oh no.. maybe you just got a bad one. :o( Maybe email the manufactor and see if they’ll send you a new part? To be honest.. we never even used the music or lights on it once. :o)

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