Can you remove the tray on a graco swing?

Our little boy likes his swing but is getting bigger and the fold down plastic tray is tight when it is down. Is there a way to take the tray off completely? We tried to pop the plastic pin back out but it doesn’t seem to want to move.

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One Response to “Can you remove the tray on a graco swing?”

  1. ldh says:

    You almost have to take the whole thing apart.You have to take the seat off the swinging bars and the seat comes apart in the middle into two pieces then the tray slides off. Put it back together. its a pain. I was going to take a picture of that page of my manual for you but I can’t find it. There are little push pins on the side of the seat at the end of the swinging bar to take the seat off. then you have to remove the cover to be able to access the screws to take the seat apart.

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