Graco Infant Swingomatic infant swing

A great review of an infant swing featuring an adorable baby boy!

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5 Responses to “Graco Infant Swingomatic infant swing”

  1. DadLabs says:

    That is a great swing!

  2. ExpoTVKidsandBabies says:

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. jsrcamp says:

    my daughter had the take along pooh swing and it was great but for some reason she got etheir to big or to heavy for it she is now 19 months but i liked it otherwise cuz it was very low to the ground witch was nice
    your son is a cuty

  4. 4everlove23 says:

    i got the same one for my 4 month old and it cost me 100.00 lolol i love the swing

  5. xxdavishaxx says:

    You know my baby brother has that swing but the toys.
    Pooh characters with your swing(my brother has elephants)
    i dont know how to put it on the swing?
    So since we bought it it has no toys, and i find that kinda boring for him, could u please tell me how to put the toys on the swing

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