Graco Sweetpeace Snuggly safari swing 1 of 2

Here is Trey’s new swing. This thing rocks. If you want to see more of any of the features let me know, I love playing with this thing.

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3 Responses to “Graco Sweetpeace Snuggly safari swing 1 of 2”

  1. Danniegurl says:

    FYI I’m pretty sure hearing the motor isn’t part of the system….if you see other videos you don’t hear the motor and I can hear the motor OVER my sounds…..

    This is my example you hear the womb sound but not the motor, and like I said mine you can hear the motor over the sounds AND it stalls, I haven’t had my baby yet, and I’ve only had it set up for a week turned on maybe 1-2x and neither of those times could I head the motor:

  2. Danniegurl says:

    @Danniegurl it won’t let me post the link to it so it is “Freedom in her sweetpeace soother” is the video. I too will be taking a video of my swing, but I do NOT remember the display in babies R us doing this also, so I will be going back to check it out.

  3. EsaiTheKid says:

    does the manual give you the name of the classical soothing songs, i have this swing, it was handed down to me from my sister, but she didnt have the manual. and im dying to know the names so i can download.

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