Graco Swings?

Which do you find better… the Graco swings that use the car seat OR the Graco Easy Entry Swing?
One you don’t have to take them out of a car seat to put them in the swing since it attaches but the other you have to find the car seat and put them in it… Does anyone have experience with these?

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One Response to “Graco Swings?”

  1. Grace says:

    I have used all forms of swings, you may save room by getting the car seat form, but truthfully, your kid could become so comfortable by this very familiar space, it may be the only thing he/she will take too. I reccomend change for everything, mulitiple pacifiers,different shaped bottles, and of course different things so baby can have mulitple postions. This will allow more movement, more agility,as well as a different view of things in each "toy".

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