Tech Grandpa 101 – GRACO Sweetpeace Soothing Swing

Tech Grandpa 101 – GRACO Sweetpeace Soothing Swing – since I’m a grand pa and an Online communications director I thought that I would keep up with me tech-self and invest in a GRACO Sweatpeace Soothing Swing. At first I thought it was a bit much and actually “baby hands off” type of child care, but at the end of the day – It’s a bit of a life saver especially if you’re by yourself taking care of baby. Of course that doesn’t mean that you strap the kid in, set the knob to 11 (Spinal Tap Joke) and do your thing – it just means that it’s another way to be able to watch and rock-a-bye. I love the iPod touch as well as the choice of internal music. the only thing was the song “Flight of the Bumble Bee” – It stressed me out more than the kids crying! Anyhow, love it, love it…….. ALOHA! Teck Grandpa 101 graco, Sweatpeace, Soothing Swing, babysitting, grandpa, grandfather, babysitting, baby sitting, grand daughter, grand son, child care, infant care

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