Which Graco swing is best for my one month old?

Want to buy a swing for my one month old…. HELP!!!?
My one month old only sleeps if i swing him in his bouncer so i decided to buy him a swing, i prefer the brand "Graco", but which one is better for my one month old.
I am having sleepless nights please HELP!!!

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One Response to “Which Graco swing is best for my one month old?”

  1. *Jordan's mummy* says:

    I have the Fisherprice rainforest Swing
    cost $269 from Baby2Kids

    Choose one that plugs in cause they go through so many batteries and they are expensive lol

    To be honest a swing is a swing and if it has a comfy seat, it has some toys to look at and rocks and swings the baby will either like it or wont it is the parent that chooses due to the decoration

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