Play Yards for Babies and Your Child

Play Yards for BabiesPlay Yards for Babies

Play yards for babies are safe spaces where your child can play and have a great time. The play yards for babies you see today are very much different from the play yards of yesteryear’s.

During old times, play yards for babies were just padded squares, today they are very high tech. Believe it or not, some play yards today even have music players to help entertain and soothe babies.

Others come with storage areas where toys can be placed. When shopping for a baby play yard, what are the features which are essential?

Portability is one of the most important things when it comes to baby play yards. Not all play yards sold today can be folded easily. Some are difficult to even store when not in use. Look for a play yard which can be folded and stored easily.

A play yard which comes with a traveling case is an advantage. If you have to travel over long distances, you will be able to check it in as baggage when you fly. For people who frequently travel, weight should also be considered. It would be very difficult to travel with a heavy play yard.

You must ask yourself how the play yard will be used. Is it primarily for travel or will it just stay in your yard? Is it going to be used as a place where the baby will be kept safe when you take a shower or when you have to take care of something quick? If the play yard will only be used for these purposes, a basic one would be sufficient.

For people who own homes with various floors, play yards for babies which come with compartments for baby clothes, diapers and feeding bottles is needed so that you will not have to make many trips just to get your baby’s needs.

How convenient is the play yard? If the play yard comes with detachable parts, you have to make sure that you will be able to remove and out them back easily. Will you be able to move the play yard easily if you need to do so? Does the play yard have wheels? If so, do they move smoothly? Is the storage space enough for baby’s needs? You also want to get a play yard which is very easy to clean.

As mentioned earlier, some play yards for babies come with sounds and lights. Soothing systems come in the form of mp3 players. This allows your baby to enjoy music while playing. Other play yards  for babies are even equipped with rockers to sway your baby back and forth. Play Yards for Babies

Most of these additional features are powered by batteries so prepare for the extra cost of batteries. If you do not really need the extra features, you can buy play yards which do not come with them.

Inspect the weight limits of the play yard. Make sure that your baby will still be able to use it even if he has grown. Make sure that you also check the weight limits in bassinets and changing tables. They may be different.

Remember all these things and you will be able to find the perfect play yards for babies for your little angel.


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