The Best Play Yards for Babies

Play Yards for BabiesPlay Yards for Babies

The best play yards for babies is essential for a growing baby.

It will allow them to explore their surroundings and play while remaining in a controlled and safe environment. It will allow parents to attend to important things because they will not have to carry around the baby with them.

Imagine having to carry your baby around with you all the time. It would be very tiring indeed.

Thankfully, we have the play yards now. When your baby is of age, you will have to buy him or her a play yard. They need exercise and they need play ant the play yard will give them all of that. Here is a list of the top play yards in the market today.

Chicco Lullaby LX Play Yard. This will give your baby added comfort because it is thickly padded. This is the top play yard because of the fact that it has garnered rave reviews from experts and customers alike. This is versatile, comfortable and durable.

This has a bassinet attachment which can be removed together with the mattress and you can use it as a play mat. This also has a changing station which you can fold when you do not use it.

There is also a remote control which will allow parents to play music for their babies and you can also control the nightlight through the remote. This is available in 12 patterns and this can accommodate babies with weight of up to 30 pounds. This has a price tag of $165.

Graco Travel Lite Crib. This is considered the best travel play yard for babies. This is smaller than a regular play yard. This is made especially for parents who frequently travel with their children.

Although it is small, it features a bassinet with quilted bumpers, as well as a canopy which has hanging soft baby toys for your child’s entertainment. This has wheels which make it very easy to move it from one room to another. This weighs only 19.7 pounds and this also comes with a carrying bag for convenient travel. This has a price tag of $80.

Graco Pack ‘n Play Totbloc Play Yard. This is a basic play yard with four mesh walls and a floor. This is a 10-suqare foot play yard which will give your baby more than enough room to move about. This is larger than most play yards but it is not as expensive as the other play yards. Play Yards for Babies

Each mesh wall also comes with a toy which rattles, squeaks and crinkles. It is very easy to tear up and put up again. The only downside to this play yard is the fact that because of its size, it will consume a lot of space. This has a price tag of $75.

North Sales Industries Super Yard XT. This has six plastic walls which can be set up anyway you want. This has an area of 18.5 square feet so this is only suitable for homes with large spaces. It can be set up both inside the house and outside.

However, there are caveats. This does not include a floor, toys and accessories. You can purchase an extension kit which will increase the area to 34.5 square feet. This has a price tag of $70.


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