Eddie Bauer Pack n Play Instructions Part 1

How to set up an Eddie Bauer Pack n Play. One Tiny Suitcase shows you the features of this deluxe playpen.

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7 Responses to “Eddie Bauer Pack n Play Instructions Part 1”

  1. smileylb says:

    Ty for this very easy tutorial vid. This was given to me…and I have used all my strengths in trying to put this little thing together…Now I know what I am doing wrong. Thanks again OTSC!

  2. Red2Delta says:

    ty very much helped alot

  3. danielrobertcampell says:

    Thanks a ton for this video! I fiddled with trying to assemble one of these for half an hour before seeing this video. Dang ends would not lock because bottom was already locked. Grrrrrr. Thanks again!

  4. prolongtheend says:

    Thank you thank you

  5. LittlexNinja says:

    thank you thank you you are my savor I feel so lameish I was pushed down the bottom first so I though the short ends were broken T.T

  6. tannerwilken says:

    Can anyone tell me how to find a replacement travel bag for my eddie bauer pack n play? Mine is ripping at the seams.

  7. mikegbmx says:

    thak you so much!!!!!

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