How long is it ok to leave baby in playpen?

My friend works nights, and she’s a single mother. She leaves her baby in the playpen up to 5 hrs. to get some sleep for work the next day. She says he’s fine with it, but idk and I wanted to ask so I could reference this to her.
she changes him and feeds him when he gets fussy. She’s in the room with him. She doesn’t completely neglect him or anything. She just sleeps while he’s playing. Is this ok?

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One Response to “How long is it ok to leave baby in playpen?”

  1. calhoonbafoon says:

    I personally would only sleep if my baby was sleeping. I would not leave a baby unattended in a playpen for that length of time. I understand that your friend has to work, but she should make other arrangements that are safer for baby.

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