how much do these baby expenses cost? how much does having a baby cost?

i’m doing a project for child develpoment. we have to find the average cost of a baby’s first year. these are the items on the list. i would really appreciate your help!
how much do these items cost (per month)?

socks and tights
snowsuit, jacket
hats and mittens

infant cereal
baby food(jars)

oil and lotion
cotton balls
laundry detergent

bathtub, bassinette
baby carrier

baby silverware dishes
latces for cupboard doors
waterproof mattress pads
bumper pads for crib

doctor visits
health insurance
prenatal vitamins
i dont mean per month for everything. just the neccesities you need to by month by month. and im not having a baby, this was just the way it was written on the hw sheet.

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  1. Ford Grease Monkey says:

    Wow that is a BIG question. And not one that can be answered in a sentence or 2. I’ll try to help as best as I can. My Wife and I had our first child about 5 weeks ago. We are the first ones on BOTH sides of our families to have children. That makes a difference in the sense that we inherited nothing from brothers or sisters that had already had children so we had to buy a lot of it ourselves. Baby showers help, but none of this is probably helping you :). So, Things like Cradle, playpen Carrier etc. can vary in costs from less than a hundred (if you get them at 2nd hand stores to $400 or $500 dollars. Looking those costs up on a website like Babies "R" Us can help you there. As for clothes, we probably have 10 to 12 pajamas, burp clothes, face clothes, blankets etc at any given time. He slowly grows out of clothes and we have to replace them with larger ones, but the items that aren’t affected by size (i.e. blankets) once bought we don’t have to keep buying. In a VERY long winded way, all told, we have received or bought $5000 worth of clothes, furniture, and other accessories. That may or may not be typical though. Like I said, we had to buy most everything. Plus the fact that my Wife and I make very good money. If money were an issue we could have been much more frugal and been just fine spending less than half of what we did. Hope this helps.

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