Moms to be and experienced moms. What are your absolute necessities for baby?

My list
Crib (mattress and bedding), stroller, car seat, high chair, diapers, diaper genie, onesies, bath stuff (bathtub,facecloths, baby wash) pj’s, socks, baby hats, playpen (pack n play) baby clothes, bottles, pacifiers, baby swing, soft toys,receiving blankets, baby monitor, breast pump. What else do I need for a newborn? I have limited space so any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Much of the stuff I already have is space-saving.

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One Response to “Moms to be and experienced moms. What are your absolute necessities for baby?”

  1. ladydarius20 says:

    if you go online to google and type in "newborn checklist" or something of that nature you will find hundreds of websites with checklists of what you absolutley will need and things you might want to have as well. wipes mylicon drops tylenol drops swing or bouncer is a nessecity because it soothes baby alot if you have limited space might i suggest the boppy rock in comfort travel swing i also have limited space and OMG its the best swing ever and it folds up so nicely you can stick it right into a closet a diaper bag if you are having a boy you will need petroleum jelly for his circumscision if he is getting one alchohol wipes or a bottle of alchohol with some cotton swabs for the umbilical chord q tips grooming kit baby nail clippers baby mittens is also a must they scratch the crap out of their faces when they are little, also a traveling lotion kit will help out alot it has lotion powder baby wash and shampoo also diaper rash cream in it in small little bottles perfect for the diaper bag you might want to buy a bulb syringe thing, they give you one at the hossy but its nice to have two one for your diaper bag and one for your house make sure to get 2 or 3 preemie outfits just in case to pack in your hospital bag in case you have a small baby but keep the receipt and dont take the tags off you can always return them for newborn clothes if you have a big baby but its always nice to be prepared!! q tips are nice to have for the baby’s nose when they have bogers around the edge instead of having to dig at them with that bulb thing you can just swipe it out with a q tip. if you are planning to breastfeed i would get a nursing wrap a boppy pillow(absolute lifesaver) and some lansinoh for your nipples also breast pads disposable are the easiest to use from my experiences these are just things i can think of off the top of my head but like i said you could google it and find all kinds of info good luck and congrats on your baby they are so much fun i have a 4 year old daughter and a 6 day old son good luck!!

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