What do you think of playpens?

I guess this question is more for moms with older babies but I was wondering if anyone here ever put their babies in a playpen/yard?

My mom is insistent that a playpen is a necessary object for a baby and says it gives them their own place and makes them feel secure. When I told her I haven’t felt the need for one she has told me she thinks I’m making a mistake. This is odd because my mom is big on the "no pressure" thing. She usually tells me something a time or two if she would do it differently and then lets it drop so it was weird for her to be so adamant about this.

So… does anyone have a playpen? Do you find it to be a useful item or just a waste of space? Please give me some input here!
Forgot to say, my baby is 6 1/2 months old

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One Response to “What do you think of playpens?”

  1. Pumpkin DBAB says:

    Playpens are handy for travel, but I ONLY use mine for my son to sleep in. He sleeps in his playpen when we are at hotels or when we are visiting people.
    I have never put my son in a playpen during the day to play. He gets free roam to crawl and walk about anywhere we are at. I think thats how they learn and discover. You wouldn’t stick your son in his crib all day would you? Then why would you stick your baby in a playpen all day.
    I suppose in certain situations the use could be okay, such as you are cooking and don’t want them near the stove or you need to run to the bathroom, but they shouldn’t be used as a replacement for watching or tending to your baby.

    My MIL must be cut from the same fabric as your mom. My MIL said she kept her sons in playpens all the time, everyday all day. She said they played just fine in them. I could never do that, no wonder she has never babysat my son.

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