How many idiots does it take to assemble a playpen?

Putting together a playpen should be child’s play. Let’s settle for a man-child

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6 Responses to “How many idiots does it take to assemble a playpen?”

  1. Asassyn says:

    Dude, pack’n’play’s suck. You really should’ve made her do it for laughing at you…lol…I went through the same exact thing and had a lot more profanity spewing from my mouth…

  2. cjames1223 says:

    haha wow, the small pleasures in life. I’m glad there are normal people out there who laugh at themselves too. haha, taking apart the pack and plays are fun too, those freaking buttons never click well enough!

  3. gannonthepro says:

    Just one:P

  4. sonyamarie89 says:

    bahahahahahahahaha…..oh i hate those stupid things

  5. jennyfurjones says:

    i love how this video gives all kinds of ‘how-to’ recommendations in the side bar.

    for future reference…

  6. sisofnite says:

    My favorite is watching you read the instructions

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