PlayPen Fun!

Dayn and Lyan have fun entertaining our houseguest.

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16 Responses to “PlayPen Fun!”

  1. cheekychickenhead says:

    This is so cute.

  2. leeboysouth says:

    emmm Was I seeing double?!?!? I have not even been drinking…

  3. KidzFunProjectz says:

    omg never seizes to amaze me how cute babies are, but even more that they are your kids +)

  4. DawndeeDALLAS says:

    where do they find their energy…hehe

  5. billyCtv says:

    I tell you what those two are something else…

    How they like baby jail? hahah thats what i call those play pens! hahah

  6. Ishkiia says:


  7. mysteryglo says:

    OMG, they are so cute playing peek-a-boo! LOL

  8. blueeyedgirlie249 says:

    Adorable as always =)

  9. 5parkerstv says:

    That was so cute! Loved the looks of anticipation on their faces!

  10. LadybugGirlShow says:

    Hilarious! They were having so much fun :)

  11. TheToppingFamily says:

    @ 0:03 – awesome face!!! LOL!!!

  12. thevlogsalotfamily says:

    So cute!!

  13. kaybees49 says:

    Flashback! I have some pictures of our twins in their playpen with their faces pressed up against the mesh. Oh, so cute!….Yours and mine! ;D

  14. MrFlyinpig says:

    How do you tell who is who? Oh I see shmeer somethin on one of da faces. HAHAHAHAHAH!

  15. HeyThatsHolly says:

    I remember seeing little kids press their faces against the netting, it looks so funny!

  16. liljack8421 says:

    Very entertaining they are cute!!

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