What age is a good age to change a child from a crib or playpen to a toddler bed?

My daughter is 21 months & is scared to sleep in her crib. Which is kinda our fault b/c she was 1st born she slept in a cradle in our room & then as she got bigger we moved her to a pack & play in our room. Then we moved & had some work being done to her bdrm & she slept in our room for about 3 months until the work was finished. We had gotten in the habit of laying or rocking her to sleep, she is use to that now. When she would fall asleep we would put her in her crib in her room, when we did that she would wake up about an hour to hour 1/2 after, and start to scream blood murder, like someone was hurting her. We think she is scared of her crib, since she never really slept in it. So we decided to try the pack & play since she sleeps well in that at nap time. She now sleeps in that every night, however we are still putting her to sleep first. We would like to get her to go to sleep on her own, but now she is able to climb out of the pack and play,
and I am afraid she will climb out of the pack and play and get hurt if we leave her in the room to cry it out until she gets use to ging to sleep on her own. I am not sure if she is ready for a toddler bed or not. We have our bdrms remodeled in the basement so there is stairs she could get to if she would climb out of wither of the beds we use. Any suggests on what bed to use or how to get her to go to sleepon her own. We do have her on a set schedule every night that we follow so she does know when it is bed time. Any suggestions would be great!

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  1. cheap health freak says:

    put her in the crib when shes awake and try her with the day naps first, sit with her for a while and explain whats going on. You could also try playing with her in the crib at a time other than nap time maybe a game involving the bars …theres a good article in this months practical parenting about this..go buy it

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