Zach falling out of playpens for Toddlers

Back when me and jeromy were 14 months in 1989. we were playing with our dad and i (zach) decided to flip out of the crib. watch the look on my face. its priceless haha. go to 1:52 the audio gets messed up cuz the vhs is so old.

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5 Responses to “Zach falling out of playpens for Toddlers”

  1. 6Nicad6emus6 says:

    And you scared the hell out of your parents and have wanted to do it to everyone else every since? Scaring people is addictive, even at an early age…. LOL

  2. webkinzlover5862 says:

    i wish i could still fit in a playpen. i bet i still could

  3. mspanders14 says:

    good catch daddy

  4. LolaMyBorderTerrier says:

    He Was Like ”What Just Happened?” Aha!

  5. 594JLP says:

    AWWWW the twins R soooooo cute i hope i have twins i cant wait till i have a baby

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